How it Works:

1) You place an order with us

The first thing to do is to place an order with us. You can do this either by filling in the order form on the website or calling us and giving us the details. Please let us know if you need any empty boxes/tape/bubble wrap, and we can arrange a time to deliver them to you.

2) We get in touch with you

After you send us your details, we will get in touch with you to arrange a date and time to pick up your items for storage. Please make sure you fill in an inventory form, and be ready to give it to our staff when they come to collect your items. Don't worry if you don't have an 'official form', just make a list of all contents of each box on a paper, and give it to our staff when they arrive.

3) We pick up your items

On the agreed date/time, we will come by and collect all your items for storage. You must also give the completed inventory form back to The Storage Rooms staff. All payments should be made in cash at this point. We do not accept payment by debit/credit card. You will be given a receipt - please keep this safe as this is your proof of storage.

4) Take a deep breath, and relax

Your items are now stored somewhere safe!

5) Let us know when you want your items returned

Whenever you're ready to have your items back, all you have to do is call/email us and let us know! If you don't contact us by up to 2 days before they're due to be delivered, we will get in touch to remind you to arrange a time for delivery. If you want to extend the storage period, just let us know!